Configuring the screen for the presentation

  1. On the timeline, select the cog icon for the Video Screen (Flat External URL) IFX.

  2. The second recording finishes speaking at around 00:02:27, so enter this as the Start Time.

  3. The video is 2 minutes 20 seconds in length. To ensure that the video is displayed only for as long as necessary, in the End Time field, enter 00:04:47.

  4. Select Save Effect.

Because the presentation is silent, the sequence file includes an audio IFX that provides background music. It should now roughly align with the IFX screen on the timeline. Adjust the audio IFX on the timeline if required.

An External URL video IFX update as you move the playhead. In contrast, videos played through the Play Shared Screen Video IFX update on screens only when you play the sequence. External URL video IFX can therefore be useful if you want to synchronize other events to a video, such as animations.

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