Creating a video link in the web manager

You can create links to video files and YouTube videos on the Internet, and then load them in a Session. For example, to share a video with other people. You can also configure the link as a 3D or 360 video, so that you don't accidentally load the video in the wrong format.

  1. Go to, and then log in.

  2. From the side menu, select Media.

  3. On the Media page, select Video Links.

  4. Select ADD VIDEO LINK.

  5. In the Add Video Link window, enter a Title and URL.

  6. Optional: Enter a Description.

  7. Optional: If the link is to a 3D video, turn on the 3D video toggle.

  8. Optional: If the link is to a 360 video, turn on the 360 video toggle.

  9. Select SAVE.

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