Advanced playback settings

If you select Advanced playback when you load a recording, a window of advanced playback options appears. Select any options that you want to apply, and then select Play. These options are temporary and only affect the current playback of the recording.

The available options are summarized in the following table:

OptionEffect if selected

No Recorded Media

Media that was played when the recording was made are not included in the playback. This is a useful feature if you want to change the media shown by your recording, or hide any video or slides you used as prompts but don't want to be displayed to your audience.

No Recorded IFX

IFX that were added when the recording was made are not included in the playback. If you don't select this option, playback includes both IFX that were in the Session before the start of recording and IFX that were added while recording. Note: If IFX screens were included in the recording, audio from any media is included in the playback even if the screens are not visible. To exclude the audio, see the previous option.

No Recorded Quizzes

Quizzes that were delivered when the recording was made are not included in the playback.

Remove "Others"

All users other than the person that made the recording are removed from the playback.

IFX Only (No Avatars)

No avatars or user audio is included in the playback. Interactions with IFX, such as movement, are included in the playback. This is a useful way to create quick animations, because the movements of the IFX are visible, but the avatar holding it are not.

Original Outfits Only (No Overrides)

This blocks the outfit overrides that are applied in some locations. For example, the enforced space suits in the Moon and Mars locations.

No Recorded Toggles (Lights, Doors, etc.)

Some Locations have interactive elements that are controlled by toggles. For example, a media screen that raises and lowers. If you select this option interactions with these toggles and their effects in the Location are not included in the playback.

No Recorded Whiteboarding

This option has no effect because interactions with whiteboards are not included in recordings. This feature will be added in a future release.

Enable Avatar Sound FX (clapping / etc.)

Selected by default. Some gestures, such as clapping, are accompanied by sound effects. If you clear this option, the gestures are included in the playback, but the sounds are not. This is useful if someone in your audience accidentally started clapping when their controllers touched at an inopportune moment.

Spatial Audio (Main Recording User Only)

Enables spatial audio for the person that made the recording. When spatial audio is enabled, the volume of the audio reduces as you move further away from the source.

Hide Avatar Display Names

Play in current location and place as IFX

After you select Play, the recording becomes an IFX that you can position in the Session. You can still control the playback of the recording through the Recording page in your menu or tablet (see Controlling the playback of recordings). However, you can also modify the recording as an object (see Modifying objects). You can use this option to playback a recording in a Location that's different to the one that it was recorded in.

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