Editing your avatar

To edit your avatar, complete the following steps:

  1. Open ENGAGE.

  2. On the menu screen, select your profile image in the upper-right corner of the screen, and then select My Avatar from the menu that appears.

  3. On the avatar selection screen, in the My Avatars pane, use the arrow icons to move between different avatars until the avatar that you want to edit is displayed.

  4. Select Edit.

  5. In the avatar editor, select a category, and then adjust the settings as required. See the sections below for more information about each category.

  6. After you have completed the customization of your avatar, select the Leave icon in the lower-left corner.

  7. In the Exit prompt, select Save & Continue to use your new avatar, or select Discard Changes to revert back to your previous avatar.

  8. On the avatar selection screen, select Save & Continue to return to the menu screen.

You can select the magnifying glass icon to toggle between a close-up view of the head and a view of the whole body. You can select the body icon to toggle between high-poly and low-poly representations of your avatar. For more information, see Full-body and basic avatars.

Clothing-type filters and color selection

When you select a clothing category, you see a panel similar to that shown in the following image:

The icons along the top edge of the panel are clothing-type filters. If you select a filter, only clothing items that match that filter are displayed. The active filter is highlighted. To clear the active filter, select the icon again.

Some filters may not display any matching items of clothing. If this happens, select a different filter or select the same filter again to clear it. Lite users have access to a limited selection of clothing. To access the full range of clothing, create a PLUS, EDUCATION, or ENTERPRISE subscription.

After you select an item of clothing, select a square in the color palette to apply that color to the clothing.

After you select the Body category, two subcategories appear.

  • Select the Sex icon to access the setting to switch between masculine and feminine body shapes.

  • Select the body icon to access settings for facial structure, skin tone, and height.

After you select the Head category, five subcategories appear.

  • Select the facial features icon to access settings for eyes, nose, and lips.

  • Select the hair icon to access settings for hair and eyebrows

  • Select the hats icon to choose a hat style and color.

  • Select the glasses icon to choose between glasses and sunglasses, and to select a frame color.

  • Select the makeup icon to access settings for lipstick, eye shadow, eyeliner, and nail polish.

The avatar editor uses an Opacity slider for makeup, rather than an on or off toggle. Increase the Opacity slider until you achieve the result that you want.

In the Outfits category, you can choose from a range of complete outfits. If you select an outfit, it overrides the settings for tops, bottoms, and shoes.

In the Tops category, you can choose from a range of tops, and then select a color.

For tops, in addition to a color you can also select an optional decal. This option adds a company logo to your top. The location, size, and number of decals varies between the different types of top.

In the Bottoms category, you can choose from a range of bottoms, and then select a color.

In the Shoes category, you can choose from a range of shoes, and then select a color.

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