Finding a Session ID

A Session ID is a unique code that you can use to join a specific Session, Event, or instance of a scalable Event. A Session ID is six characters long and includes lowercase letters and numbers.

You can't use a Session ID, or any other method, to join a Session, Event, or instance of a scalable Event that's at its maximum capacity of users.

To find a Session ID, choose a method from one of the sections below.

From within a Session or Event

If you are in any Session or Event other than a private Session, you can find the Session ID through your menu or tablet. For more information, see Inviting others to your Session.

From the Session list

  1. On the menu screen in the ENGAGE app, select Join Session.

  2. On the Join Session page, choose one of the following options:

    • For a currently active, standard Session, select Live, and then select Public.

    • For a persistent Session, select Live, and then select the name of your Enterprise group.

  3. Browse to the Session.

  4. Select the More icon for the Session, and then select Copy ID.

The Session ID is copied to your clipboard. You can paste the Session ID into the Join Session by ID page in the ENGAGE app, into an email, or anywhere that you want to record or share it.

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