IFX with colliders

When an IFX has a collider enabled, users can't move through it, but may be able to teleport onto it. Some of the IFX with colliders have a transparent version. You can use these to add physical barriers or teleport targets to otherwise non-physical objects.

Adding IFX with colliders to a sequence

  1. From the library of IFX, select an IFX that includes Collider somewhere in its title.

  2. Place the IFX in the environment. For more information about the controls that are available when you add an IFX, see Adding IFX.

  3. Access the effect options for the IFX, and then select the Enable Collider check box. For more information, see Collider effect options.

If an IFX has the text Invisible in its title, it will be visible only when you use the move or gizmo controls in the Content Editor. If an IFX has Teleport in its title, it creates a surface that people can teleport onto. Only IFX with Teleport in their title create valid teleport surfaces.

Collider effect options

For instructions on how to access effect options, see Effect options. For IFX with colliders, the only additional option is to enable colliders. You must enable this option for the IFX to detect collisions.

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