3D pen

If you use a VR headset with hand controllers, you can access the 3D pen tool from your wrist controls. However, a host can disable your ability to use the 3D pen in a Session. To activate your 3D pen, complete the following steps:

  1. Raise and rotate your left hand as if to look at a wrist watch.

  2. Use the touch cursor attached to your right hand to select the 3D pen icon.

The 3D pen and tool panel appear. To draw, hold down the trigger for the controller that the 3D pen is attached to. You can then move your controller in any direction in 3D space, and the 3D pen draws a line along that path.

Tool panel features

To make a selection on the tool panel, use the tip of the 3D pen to tap.


Select a pre-set color for the 3D pen.

Drag the slider to change the thickness of the line that's drawn.

Select to swap the 3D pen and tool panel between your hands. You can use this to move the 3D pen to your dominant hand.

Select to undo a line segment that you have drawn. You can select repeatedly to undo multiple line segments.

Select to delete the drawing and close the 3D pen tool.

Select to finish and close the 3D pen tool. The drawing is converted to an object. For more information about how you can interact with the object, see Modifying objects.

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