Playing shared media

You control the playback of shared videos through use of the Play Shared Screen Video IFX. The position and length of the container on the timeline determines when the video will begin to play and how long it will play for.

Adding a shared media controller

  1. On the IFX library page, in the search field, enter shared, and then select the search icon.

  2. Select the Play Shared Screen Video IFX.

  3. Place the IFX in the environment. The location of the IFX within the environment isn't important.

Play Shared Screen Video effect options

For instructions on how to access effect options, see Effect options. For the the Play Shared Screen Video IFX, the effect options include the video source and playback settings.


Video URL

The URL of the video to play. You can use a URL for a YouTube video or a video file.

2D Video / 3D Video

Select whether the video is 2D or 3D.


Select this check box to loop the video.

Playback Start

The number of seconds to skip from the start of the video. Note: If you set the video to loop, each loop after the first play through starts at the beginning of the video.


The volume of the video's audio, as a percentage between 0 (mute) and 100 (maximum).

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