VR tracking modes

ENGAGE supports the following tracking modes:

  • Seated Mode (Simulated Standing): In this tracking mode, whether you are seated or standing in the real world, you can ensure that your avatar appears to be standing.

  • Full Motion Tracking (Room Space): In this tracking mode, your avatar's head always reflects the position of your head in the real world. If you sit down, the tracking system will assume that you are crouching and your avatar will adopt that posture.

We recommend that you use the seated mode. It provides you with flexibility to stand or sit, and to change between the two at any time.

If you use the seated mode and physically change between sitting and standing, you must realign your avatar when you make the change. For more information, see Realigning your avatar in VR.

To change between seated and full motion tracking modes, use one of the methods described in the sections below.

Through your menu in a session

  1. Press the appropriate button on your hand controller to open your menu or tablet.

  2. On the Settings page, select VR Options.

  3. On the VR Options page, for Tracking Mode, select either Seated Mode or Full Motion Tracking.

  4. Close your menu or tablet.

On the menu screen of the ENGAGE app

  1. On the menu that appears, select Controls.

  2. On the Controls page, select VR Tracking Mode.

  3. On the VR Tracking Mode page, select either Seated Mode or Room Space Mode.

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