Creating your avatar

To create your first avatar in ENGAGE, you use the Generate New Avatar tool. You are asked to select three settings, and then a random avatar is generated.

  1. Select a Sex, select a Complexion, and then select an Outfit Style from the categories of business formal, smart casual, casual, or workwear.

  2. Select Generate Avatar. A random avatar is generated based on your selections. You can select Generate Avatar repeatedly to create new combinations.

  3. To access the full Avatar Editor and make adjustments to your avatar, select Customize. For more information about how to customize your avatar, see Editing your avatar. You can always return to the avatar editor and adjust your avatar another time.

  4. To save the avatar's appearance, select Save & Continue.

  5. On the avatar selection screen. Select Save & Continue.

After you create your avatar, you are ready to start to explore ENGAGE. You can join sessions or events, view the pre-made content, or create your own experiences.

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