Locking a Session or Event

As a host, you can lock a Session or Event so that no additional users can join. For example, to hold a private conversation with another user or to prepare an Event space without risk of interruption.

For standard Sessions and Events, the person that creates the Session or Event is the only person that can lock and unlock it. For persistent and scalable Sessions, any host can lock and unlock the Session.

To lock or unlock a Session or Event, complete the following steps:

  1. On the Host Controls page, select the Host Actions tab.

  2. Turn the Lock toggle on to prevent users from joining or off to allow users to join.

Persistent and scalable Sessions unlock automatically after the last person leaves.

If there are multiple hosts in a standard Session, and the person that created the Session locks it and then leaves, the Session will remain locked and nobody will be able to join. However, an exception is made for the person that created the Session, who is able to re-join the Session, and can then choose to unlock it.

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