Joining a listed Session

  1. On the menu screen, select Join Session.

  2. On the Join Session page, select Live.

  3. The default list is the Public list. If you are a member of an Enterprise group, the group name, or list of group names, is displayed next to the Public tab. To view Sessions that are restricted to a group, select the group name.

  4. To join a Session, select it.

  5. On the Session details page, select Join.

  1. If the Session requires a password, enter the password, and then select Continue.

  2. If you need to download the location, wait for the download to complete, and then select Go now.

An Enterprise group may choose to remove access to the public list for their members. If they do, the Join Session page initially shows a list of the group's Sessions. If there are any persistent Sessions associated with the group, these appear first in the list.

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