Event registration options

To register for an Event, you first need to go to its information page. To do so, complete the following steps:

  1. Access the Event list, either in the web manager or ENGAGE app. For more information, see Viewing the Events list.

  2. Select the Event that you're interested in.

On the Event information page, there are four possible registration options that you can select. The person that creates an Event chooses which options are available.

Get access to Event

If you are not logged in on the web manager, the only option that you see for an Event is GET ACCESS TO EVENT. If you select this option, a prompt to log in appears. Complete the log-in process to access other registration options.


If you register your interest for an Event, the Event appears on the Interested tab of the Events list. For more information, see Viewing the Events list. You can register your interest to save Events that you may want to attend but don't yet want to commit to.


If an Event has an open registration, you can select ATTEND to register to attend the event. Most Events have a limited number of available spaces. If you register to attend, you reserve one of those spaces.

Request access

If an event has closed registration, you can select REQUEST ACCESS to be added to a waiting list. The Event organizer can then review your request and decide to approve or reject your request. You receive an email after the Event organizer makes their decision.

Events tabs

If you register to attend or register your interest in an Event, the Event is listed on the corresponding tab in both the ENGAGE app and web manager. Current and future Events are listed on the Public tab, your enterprise group tab, or both. If you create an Event, that Event also appears on your Hosting tab.

An enterprise group may choose to hide the Public tab for members of that group.

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