Audio IFX

You can use audio IFX to add sounds to your sequence. Audio IFX appear on the timeline with a distinct color and icon. Adjust the container for an audio IFX on the timeline to control when it will be audible.
Example container for an audio IFX

Audio effect options

For instructions on how to access effect options, see Effect options. For audio IFX, the effect options provide access to spatial and loop settings.
Audio effect options
2D Audio
If selected, the audio has an equal volume in all areas of the environment. To control the volume of the audio, adjust the scale of the IFX. A larger scale creates a louder volume. The volume is represented by a percentage value in the selection bubble of the IFX:
3D Audio
If selected, the application simulates the sound as though it were at a specific place in the environment. Where available, the sound will be presented in stereo so that users can determine the direction of the source of the sound. When users move closer to the sound, the volume will increase. Beyond a specified distance, the sound won't be audible. To control the area within which the sound is audible, adjust the scale of the IFX. The area within which the sound will be heard is represented by a transparent sphere:
Loop Audio: Use Default
Selected by default When selected, the default rules to determine if a sound should loop are applied. All audio that's more than 7 seconds in length is automatically set to loop. Clear this check box to manually set whether the audio will loop.
Loop Audio: Loop
Select this check box to loop the audio for as long as it's active on the timeline.