Drawing tool panel

The tool panel has four tabs, which are described below. The Settings tab displays different options on VR headsets and desktop devices. All other tabs display the same settings across compatible devices.

There are two methods that you can use to interact with the tool panel and the board. In the pen mode, you tap the tip of the pen onto the tool panel to make a selection. In the laser pointer mode, you use the laser emitted from the end of the pen to target an item on the tool panel, and then press the trigger button to select it. For more information, see Settings tab.

Draw tab


Drag the slider to adjust the pen size.

Choose between hard and soft edged pens.

Select a pen color. Select the multi-colored icon on the the right to open a color wheel. You can then select a custom color.

Erase tab

When this tab is active, the pen is an eraser. Draw on the board to erase the part of the drawing that's under the pen's tip.


Drag the slider to adjust the pen size.

Select to erase all drawings from the board.

Save tab


Select to save the current drawing on the board to an image file on your device.

Settings tab


Turn on to use the laser pointer interaction method, where you use the laser to target items and the trigger button to select them. Turn off to use the tip of the pen to select items and draw on boards.

Choose whether the tool panel is attached to your right hand or your left hand. You can use this setting to move the pen to your dominant hand.

Select to lock the tool panel at its current location in the environment. The tool panel remains at your chosen location until you select a different Menu Docking option.

Select to have the tool panel follow your head tracking. The tool panel appears at a fixed location within your field of view and follows your head movements.

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