Getting assistance in ENGAGE LINK

You can get live support at the help desk, which is located on the top level of central plaza, close to the portals and initial arrival point. The help desk is staffed by our metaverse support agents.
Help Desk in central plaza
We aim to provide live support 24 hours a day, Monday to Friday. If nobody is available at the help desk, you can use the call bell to request assistance.
If the Ring for help text is not visible, move closer to the call bell.
  • On most VR devices, point a hand controller at the bell icon, and then press the trigger button.
  • On desktop devices, adjust your view so that the bell icon is at the center of your window, and then left-click.
  • On a phone or tablet, tap the bell icon.
After you activate the call bell, a confirmation message is displayed. Please wait next to the help desk for a metaverse support agent to arrive. This may take several minutes if they are busy assisting other users.
Call bell. Select the bell icon to request assistance
If you have a general query, want to raise an issue at the weekend, or signage at the help desk indicates that live support is not available, go to https://support.engagevr.io/.