Add options for the electrical fire

For the electrical fire, you can use either of the previously described methods to add response options. However, the following sections describe how you can add 3D models of fire extinguishers to the sequence.

The IFX library doesn’t include any fire extinguishers. The main methods that you can use to add your own 3D models to ENGAGE are as follows:

  • request that we add them

  • upload them through the SDK

  • upload them through Cloud File Manager

However, these options are available to ENTERPRISE clients only.

The following sections describe how to use of the Cloud File Manager, because it is the fastest and simplest method. If you don’t have access to Cloud File Manager, you can skip these sections, and go to Add sound effects.

The cloud file manager is currently available to approved beta testers only. For this reason, we recommend that you use cloud files for testing purposes only at this time.

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